LitFlask is more than a water bottle, it is premium bluetooth speaker, portable charger, & LED Light, in one Sleek Package. All for under $100.

Bump Technology

LitFlask features bump technology, which allows you to connect multiple Litflasks to each other for surround sound.

Water Resistant

LitFlask is engineered to withstand the elements. Our electrical components are made with a fully sealed design ensuring your music and power keep going, no matter what.



Don't take our word for it


This LITFLASK water bottle/speaker combo is worth the price, if only for the speaker. The sound quality is incredible. When my husband turned it on in another room, I thought our full-size sound system was on! Clear, crisp sound that has great bass and technical balance. I like that the bottle itself is detachable from the bottom speaker portion. That way I don't have to worry about wetting the speaker while cleaning or filling up the bottle.

Overall, it is lightweight and made of quality materials. The actual water bottle portion is smaller than I would normally buy so you may end up refilling it slightly more often. Not a dealbreaker for me. It has been easy to clean and did not have an odor upon arrival. Charging is quick and the battery lasts all day.


United States


I am very impressed! I bought this thinking it would be cool to have while BBQing this summer or taking on my bike for rides down the beach. . It surpassed all my expectations. Speaker quality is legit! I bring it everywhere. I will be buying more for gifts for the holidays.

Darrin G

Laguna Beach, CA


Anytime we take a trip to the pool, I am always putting on music on my phone and carrying a water bottle. Now, I only have to tote this water bottle and save battery on my phone. This water bottle is such a neat invention. It is definitely unique - I had never known this existed. This water bottle is the perfect size for personal use however, I wish it were a bit bigger to hold more liquids. The good thing is that it fits the hands just right. The bottle holds cold and hot water very well. It heats up fast and stays cold for a long time. The music box is awesome. It is very good quality. The sound comes through perfectly and you can hear it from a good distance. It is easy to use. Although I love this contraption, I am very scared of ruining it with liquid attached. I don't know how to drink and not spill it accidentally and possibly ruin the speaker. Or, even cleaning it and not getting it soaked. It's gotta be very careful maneuver to maintain the product. Hopefully, it's insulated very well to keep things working.

Steven Brown

United States


Last summer I was at a sporting goods store with my wife and we saw a cheap version of this in the checkout line. We laughed about it but didn't discount the fact that it'd be great for the pool. Well just about a year later I was able to get my hands on this and knew we needed it. It does not disappoint! The speaker is louder than any water bottle has a right to be. It also seems to charge pretty fast. We haven't used it to charge a second device (like a phone) but it does have that feature. There are definitely better bluetooth speakers out there. For hiking, backyard actvities, the beach, etc. though this is exactly what you'd want to bring with you!


Dallas, TX


Bluetooth syncing to the Litflask was easy and it shows up as Litflask so there's no guessing which device you are trying to connect to. The speaker sound is impressive, pretty loud volume and clear sound. The light feature is fun, but also functional if using for evening activities. I like the multiple color modes or the rainbow dance mode. As far as the water bottle goes, I found that my ice was melted after 6 hours but my water was still cold. When the bottle is connected to the speaker it is a little heavy and awkward for drinking. I keep them connected just for getting where I'm going, then disconnect the two and use them as separate devices. But it makes it easy to transport them connected as the two items only need one hand or tote pocket. Charging it is easy and I love that I can charge my device off of it as well. I have zero complaints- it is even better than I expected.

Stargazer Studio

United States


Having a combination of water bottle and Bluetooth speaker is a handy unique feature. 20 oz Stainless Steel bottle is a great size for keeping hot or cold drinks handy, and the Bluetooth speaker is easy to operate and sounds really good. Easy to play my favorite songs from my phone or listen to audio books while relaxing outside. Nice color, this is a quality water bottle/bluetooth speaker.


New York, NY


Who knew we'd be in a day in age where we can have water, music, and charger all in one gadget? This gym companion does it all and I like the lighting on it. High quality material.


Santa Ana, CA


This is a really nice-looking water bottle with a modern design, and it also has a Bluetooth speaker, so basically you can take it ANYWHERE.


Huntington Beach, CA


Really wasn’t sure I would care for this, but since we have been doing more outdoorsy adventures this has been coming handy to tune into music at the same time while rehydrating. Great for camping too. Arrived factory sealed.


Colorado Springs, CO